New Pictures 10-25-07

She Couldn't Stop Dropping Funky Beats at the Rave

Studio Musicians Face a Lot of Downtime

Taken By the Muse, And By Muse I Mean Madness

Every Hike Needs a Red, Shag Clipboard

Screech Owl


She Had Found Them All Except for Sumac



Princess Jolly Roger


She Realized It Wasn't a Rollercoaster AFTER She Strapped Herself In

What a Lousy Crown-But I'm Gourd-geous

What Drought?


Eat Your Heart Out Huck Finn

Children of the Corn

It Looked Nice, But She Didn't Like How It Handled on the Open Road


Lovin' on the Lamb

Miss America Waves

Researching for Her Wilbur Role

Sleepy, Sneery & Suspicious

Some of the Popcorn Popped Funny

The Vegetarians Returned from the Hunt