New Pictures 8-9-08

Delaney's Freakish Growth Spurt

Is it Veal Yet? How 'bout Now? Now?

Albemarle Fair 2008 - K, D, Goats

One of Two Blue Ribbons

Whoops, Did I Finish Your Water? Again?

No, One is Not Peeing into the Other

Brewmaster D Surveys the APA Grain Mash

Delaney's Hairdo - How Ya Do?

JSL Champs 2008 - Delaney and Friends

Psyching up with the iPod

Are Fourteen Suitcases Enough for One Week of Camp?

Leaving for 4H Camp - Meredith and Kieran

The Beastie Girls

Clydeslaney, Clydesluke, and Clydesdale


For the Birds

Miracle Grow Works on Veggies, Children Not So Much

Unattended Garden - Zuchini Hero