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Kieran as little Wilbur in the play Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web - 11/18/07


Delaney is a Funky Monkey

Brass Monkey - 11/18/07


The words to our national anthem are pretty flexible, right?

Delaney's National Anthem - 11/18/07


At the Aquarium in South Carolina

Shark Bait Hoo Ha - 11/18/07


Delaney has Some Sand Issues

Sand Problems - 11/18/07


We have School of Rock to thank for bringing the Immigrant Song to the girls at such an early age

Immigrant Song - 8/3/07


Kieran during the Boar's Head Meet

Backstrokin Kieran - 8/3/07


Riding a Raft at Water Country

Adventure Girls - 8/3/07


Delaney shows us her swimming form. It looks like a lot of things, but not swimming.

Speed Skater to Cross Country - 7/3/07


Delaney's swim meet face of intimidation.

Mean Meet Face - 7/3/07


Kieran gets funky at the pool party. She is keeping her day job.

Pool Party Kieran - 6/22/07


Delaney shakes her groove thing at the pool party. We might have a career.

Pool Party Delaney- 6/22/07


Kieran gets second place in this year's Talent Show. She was robbed, I tell ya.

Country Roads - 5/6/07

Old Videos

(Just because I can't let this one go...)

The Air Guitar Gods smiled when they saw this. Believe it or not, Kieran actually does know the words to songs and has a pretty good voice. Luckily for us, she didn't bother to show off either of those abilities for these two little videos.

And, no, she has never been all that coordinated.

Don't Give a Damn 'Bout My Bad Reputation Part 1 4/16/05

Don't Give a Damn 'Bout My Bad Reputation Part 2 4/16/05