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I'm playing with a piece of software so click HERE if you want to see the 5/17/09 and 6/28/09 Updates


(4-6-09) Update Part 1

Kieran in Oliver!, K&D in the Wizard of Oz and other Stuff


(4-6-09) Update Part 2

Delaney at the Father Daughter Dance, Kieran at the 4th Grade Dance


(1-11-09) Update

Halloween and Christmas


(10-23-08) Update Part 1

Birthdays at Build a Bear and Water Country

(10-23-08) Update Part 2

Graves Mountain and Round Hill Farm


(8-29-08) Update Part 1

The Beach, The Beach and the Beach

(8-29-08) Update Part 2

More Beach and the First Day of School

(8-9-08) Update

The Albemarle County Fair, JSL Champs and More BG

(7-7-08) Update Part 1

Water Country, More Swim Team and, of course, Shrunken Heads

(7-7-08) Update Part 2

The 4th O July, the Pool, the Fireworks and, of course, Crabs


(6-13-08) Update

Kieran's Talent Show, Delaney's Dance Recital, The Annie Play and the First Swim Meet

(4-27-08) Update

Jamestown, the Father-Daughter Dance and D's Kindergarten Play

(4-26-08) Update

Yorktown, Great Wolf Lodge and Busch Gardens

(1-20-08) Update

Halloween, the Charlotte's Web Play and Christmas


(10-25-07) Update

Graves Mountain, Round Hill and Two Field Trips

(10-21-07) Update

First Day of School, Cheerleading, Swim Team Banquet and a UVa Game


(8-17-07) Update

Vacation, Vacation and More Vacation


(8-3-07) Update

A Family Picnic, More Busch Gardens, Water Country and the B-52s Show (+ 3 New Movies)


(7-9-07) Update

Exploring with the Dog Named Jasper, Swim Meets and the Pool

(6-10-07) Update

The Family in the Willy Wonka Play, Playing Outside and the New Dog

(4-16-07) Update

Easter, Busch Gardens and Kieran Tames the Big, Bad Wolf

(2/27/07) Update

Playing in the Snow and Kieran is in the Hansel and Gretel Play

(12/5/06) Update

Playing in the Leaves and the Family in the Tom Sawyer Play


(11/1/06) Update

Carter's Mountain, Grave's Mountain, Trick or Treating, and a Halloween Party



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Everyone's Favorite Pictures

Crime Doesn't Pay

Did I Leave the Gas On?

Take Us to Your Leader

Halloween Bee and Bride

Christmas Card

Delaney in Williamsburg